Navigating Supply Chain value with KPIs


supply chain kpis
Supply Chain Value

Modern supply chains have started to become more complex than ever, and the bottom line is that supply chain leaders want visibility into their operations to streamline activities with which they can make decisions.

That’s the certainty of supply chain control tower. It improves visibility, collaboration, and agility helping supply chains react to market needs faster.

But all this talk is fine, how do you actually quantify it? That’s the question we’re trying to answer today.

We break down the supply chain control tower into 5 key components and study the 25 KPIs or the Key Performance Indicators under each of them.

The 5 components include in supply chain control tower:

  1. Planning Command Center

2. Inventory Tower

3. Logistics Tower

4. Warehousing Tower

5. Fulfilment Tow

Each of these functional “towers” has their responsibilities and functions making them enablers to the whole “SCCT” paradigm.

Facing challenges like lack of visibility, data silos, and inefficient processes? A Supply Chain Control Tower (SCCT) offers a holistic solution!

A Hybrid Approach to an SCCT Implementation:



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