How Anaplan Gives Your Supply Chain a Strategic Advantage in This Cut-throat Competition

Effective, data-driven supply chain planning is more important than ever in the age of expanding global supply chains and networks. It happens many times that detailed supply chain planning may not seem a compelling time investment as forecasts can be erroneous, and plans can go wrong. The current pandemic has taught us that demand can change overnight no matter what .

Currently, there’s been a lot of debates around what the world will look like after COVID-19. or if we’ll require to get used to life with the virus and adapt our personal lives and business models to this situation.

In this article, we’ll take a deep dive — into the reasons how Anaplan gives your supply chain strategic importance.

Anaplan is a solid connected planning tool that gives your supply chain a strategic advantage in many ways. The platform is renowned for saving companies valuable time and resources by delivering quick data and analysis for informed decision-making without tedious and manual data entry processes.

Anaplan can transform how your business operates and create synergy and collaboration by connecting your business departments. There are many technology solutions, but the following five reasons are critical drivers that give an idea of how Anaplan can provide your supply chain organization a strategic advantage.

# Anaplan Platform

The critical difference between Anaplan and its competition is like the platform itself. With traditional supply chain software options, organizations deploy solutions that have pre-defined, built-in business processes. If organizations want to customize the process, you will find it difficult, expensive, or limited in flexibility.

With Anaplan supply chain planning models, organizations deploy the same process in the new and improved version of that same process or a client organization. Business users don’t need to try and ‘fit the square peg into the round hole,’ so to speak. On the Anaplan platform, you build a solution that is always a perfect thing to do.

Another result of this difference is the reduced requirement for dedicated specialists and traditional development. The ease and standardization of using the Anaplan platform allow the business users to do the modeling in an apt way. Not only does this decrease costs of deployment, but it also provides the business itself to refine and continue the process as it evolves. It’s a win/win situation for the company.

# Connected Planning

Another domain where Anaplan excels is in connected planning. Numerous companies have spent years developing complicated planning processes using spreadsheets. They are often unable or unwilling to reinvent these processes on a software platform that will require massive changes. Anaplan allows for swift implementation of these existing technology and processes, to easily integrate with numerous planning spreadsheets into a coherent and centralized unit that instantaneously updates the entire mechanism.

Even if an existing planning process using spreadsheets is already there for a given situation, it still makes sense to apply it on Anaplan due to the value of quickly connecting the individual pieces across the organization.

‍# Collaboration

As it is so easy for all the organizations on a client’s team to learn the platform, working together is enabled, unlike other options. Also, because of the platform’s more modern technologies, it becomes quite easy to develop and create models simultaneously with others. When one user updates a dashboard or data module, another business user can immediately see the results, even if they’re working on the same item at the same time.

When users across the companies connect their processes on Anaplan, it enables a true synergy facilitating cross-functional interactions like never before. Demand planning, finance, fulfillment, warehousing, and other business units can interact with the rest of the company while improving the processes specific to their areas of responsibility on the fly. This type of interaction is not a feature of traditional supply chain software options.

# Scenario Planning

One of the things that we witness regarding the Anaplan platform is the ease of executing scenario planning. For numerous years, we have seen organizations struggling to do this with prepackaged software. Various promises were made but not kept by the software organizations. Antiquated technology and design-led to situations where scenario planning was completely ineffective. Business users found themselves trapped by the inefficiency of running and setting up scenarios. They spent more time dealing with data and configuration than analyzing their business options. The worst part is that they would often have to wait overnight to see the results after the daily batch processing.

With the correct mix of modern techs, like the use of multi-dimensional data arrays, in-memory processing to name a few, Anaplan has hit a home run concerning scenario planning. We have never witnessed such an elegant design for developing and executing scenarios in real-time and efficient and easy-to-use customized interfaces. As an organization, we can focus on the business and not worry about the software itself.

# Versatility

All of the advantages we have mentioned help contribute to the overall versatility of Anaplan. As a result, we can develop and deploy our customized business processes rapidly. As your organization grows and changes, Anaplan is there to scale and diversify with you. With Anaplan, a company has a reduced cost of ownership, can merge more efficiently across all departments, and enables connected and enhanced solutions that are more thoroughly adopted by the user community.

Road Ahead

Therefore, it can be stated that, as organizations spent numerous years as a business users of SC solutions, the Anaplan platform offers an apt option for any organization that is willing to improve financial planning or supply chain operations. With an easy-UI platform, swift process implementation, efficient scenario planning, connected planning across departments, and overall versatility, Anaplan is tech to implement if you want a strategic advantage in the Anaplan supply chain planning processes.

If you are interested in seeing if Anaplan can be apt for your business? Analytics offers a Free Accelerated Process and Technology Analysis for businesses to determine the right technology enablement partners. Get in touch to learn more.



Polestar Solutions enables enterprises in their digital transformation journey by offering Consulting & Implementation Services related to Data, and Analytics.

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Polestar Solutions enables enterprises in their digital transformation journey by offering Consulting & Implementation Services related to Data, and Analytics.