5 Ways How a Microsoft Power Bi Implementation Partner Enhances Your Analytics Capabilities

Are you under contemplation about whether or not you require a Power BI implementation partner?

If your answer is yes, then let us help guide you to come out of the conundrum, and make an informed decision of choosing an Implementation Partner.

If your answer is no, we’re sure you’ve made the choice to have a partner.

But, Why is Power BI a Business Intelligence Tool for your organization?

You might have decided to use Power BI because it is easy to use and the transitioning from excel would be easier. But there are a lot of aspects and capabilities of Power BI not limited to its data integration and interactive dashboards.

The combination of Saas Offerings and the ability of the platform to perform simple to complex calculations on DAX and the treasure trove of Microsoft Add-ons is just the starting point of the value realized from Power BI.

So, if you want to know how to maximize the ROI from the implementation of such a platform, work with a Power BI Implementation Partner.

5 Reasons to work with a Power BI implementation Partner

In any organization, the adoption of a new platform requires significant acceptance and change management. Sometimes, a few issues might crop up after the implementation process has been initiated leaving fewer resources for managing change. Hiring a partner will make you ready to face and tackle every challenge raised right from dealing with the data consolidation to integrating it across the organization.

Let’s study in detail how a Power BI implementation can help you have a long-lasting impact on your organization.

  • Data Expertise

With expert consultation, you can identify and pinpoint the key KPIs that need to be addressed. Even though the implementation might seem easy, it is important to have domain and technological expertise with Power BI such that no issues arise. If the software is not implemented properly then the issues of the tools would be left out after a brief usage and it would turn into a sunk cost. So, you can avoid problems and/or issues that might cause or affect the business beforehand and avoid them with an implementation partner.

With the Data expertise of the partner, you can associate the KPIs or the Key performance indicators of the business. Find actionable, quantifiable, and trackable KPIs, with real-time data to transform your monthly dashboard decision making to taking decisions on the fly with concurrent data.

  • Work with DAX

Data Analysis eXpression or commonly known as DAX is the Power BI’s query language. It is used to build formulas and expressions. Unlike a few other Business Intelligence tools, Power BI has the capability to transform and perform calculations on your data at the same time while reporting it. It is similar to excel’s tables and the formulas are intuitive. For someone who has been working on Excel, it would take some time to adjust to the newer formats, but it shouldn’t take long.

Power BI consultants can help you use DAX functions to transform your data and make it easier to interpret, eliminating the use of multiple platforms to remould the data according to usage. Use it to add new calculated columns and measures or statistical analysis.

  • Value-added Resources

With a methodical partner, you can gain the add-on Resources and not just limit yourselves to the implementation. With the added expertise, gain access to industry-specific visuals and the wide-access add-ons of Microsoft which are provided with Power BI. We can also help you find out any additional requirements or tools which can help you further with the implementation of Power BI.

For example, if the users are worried about the change that needs to be made for the implementation of Business Intelligence tools, then the implementation partner can bring forward tools like Embedded Power BI (Embedded Analytics). With this, they can leverage Power BI in their normal workflow or on other mobile devices, increasing the ease and adaptability of the Business Intelligence tools.

Power BI is a Microsoft product and it provides a lot of additional advantages that can’t be seen at first glance. One such advantage is the Power of Azure Machine Learning. With AzureML, you can utilize the predictive power of advanced analytics in Power BI to generate predictive models from your existing data.

With an implementation partner, you can get help to leverage your data and get the predictive models made such that you can use the end results like Sentiment Analysis of Social Media Data or Deep learning from the comments to identify major causes of concern or use them for predictive demand or maintenance planning. The uses are endless, ultimately helping you can take more measured risks and enhance your profits across all domains.

  • Gain insights with R and Python

Why limit yourself to basic and value-added models? Bring forth the most common statistical and advanced analytics open-source tools like R and Python. Power BI has the capability to integrate R and Python at all stages of data transformation. For example, R connectors allow you to run R scripts in Power BI and import the results into the data model of Power BI, with which you can leverage the packages present in R and Python to help with the calculations.

The robust visualization like the time-series data forecasting can be integrated and made every bit as interactive as the other charts in Power BI. So, knowing Power BI is not enough for a full-fledged implementation, finding the right partner with deep technical understanding and technological expertise is important.

So, at least by now, we hope that you are out of the conundrum of whether or not to have a Power BI Implementation Partner. But before you choose one, make sure they have a domain and technological expertise and are Microsoft Partners and are able to help with the end-to-end Power BI implementation.

In conclusion, the features and capabilities of Microsoft Power BI are vast and they also keep it updated according to user needs regularly. So if you want to gain the maximum ROI out of it, finding the right partner is essential as they would be able to provide a robust, scalable, and flexible solution suited to your specific needs. With a Power BI-partner supporting you, all the phases right from implementation to gaining insights will be much faster. And if you are thinking about implementing Power BI now, book a free session with our experts!



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